Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce | Building Unity In Our Community
Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce
"Building Unity In Our Community"
Black-Owned Businesses Are Our Business
...And they are your business, too.
We Provide Black-Owned Businesses With Tools and Training For Growth and Expansion

Our team of seasoned sales, marketing, and finance professionals are equipped to provide Black business owners the resources they need to remain competitive in this global economy.
Our Education Committee Provides Comprehensive Resources
Whether online or in-person, we host live workshops that aim to train our members how to systemize and scale their business for infinite growth and profit potential.
Our Government and Community Affairs Committee Speaks Up
We speak up on behalf of our members to ensure black business owners are considered for lucrative business opportunities when they arise. 
Our Marketing and Public Relations Committee Engages the Community
We realize the core of our success is engaging the community. This is why we host events that call for unity in the community, no matter the ethnic make-up.
Our Membership & Outreach Committee Grows Our Community
We realize there's strength in numbers. That's why we're dedicated to growing our community of members throughout the Mobile Area because the more members, the greater the impact we can have on the community.
Our Special Projects Committee Keeps Us Innovative
Innovation is the key to longevity. Our Special Projects Committee embodies this fundamental truth and sources out opportunity for innovation in our organization so that we can better serve the community and our members.
Our Programs Help Introduce New Entrepreneurs Into The Community
The Minority Build A Buisness Accelerator Cohort equips new business owners with new skills and acumen which will propel their business’s success rate.

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Only Three Percent of Businesses In Mobile County Are Black-Owned
This daunting statistic is according to columnist John Archibald. It's troubling since, statistically speaking, business owners are more likely to hire people who look like them. 
We Need All Hands On Deck
The lack of diverse representation in commerce is everyone's problem and requires everyone's effort to ensure  businesses are a direct reflection of the community in which they serve. We realize that forming alliances and strategic partnerships with communities and institutions that support our mission and purpose are critical for the success of our members.
Get Involved NOW! Join the Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce (MABCC)
We're a non-profit organization, so your membership fee is tax deductible.
Meet Our Committed Board Members
Michele Wilson, Chairwoman

Michele is a Mobile-native whose work in the faith-based community has yielded her a vast network of contacts throughout the city. In addition, she is a Founding Board Member of the Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce.
Ronald McCants, Vice-Chairman

Ronald is the owner of Gulf Coast Supply Chain Leadership Coach. A Mobile native.
Deryl Pendleton, Treasurer

Deryl is the founder and CEO of Ararat Business Services and million-dollar producer for National Guardian Life Insurance Company. He is also a pastor at Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church. In addition, he is the Founder of the Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce.
Business Is Changing: Are You Keeping Up?
Technology is at the core of the success plan we provide members of the Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce (MABCC). Our members are trained on how to reach and speak to the hearts and minds of their customers by way of advanced technology.
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A Quick Glance at Our Upcoming Events
Join Us for Our Monthly General Body Meeting, every 4th Wednesday @11:30am Located in Spring Hill College's Byrne Hall
(4000 Dauphin Street, Mobile, Al 36608)
Join the Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce to Tap Into Our Powerful Network
Our contacts are respected in Mobile and have the resources to help you get where you want to be. We're happy to share our network with our members.
Meet Some of Our Members
Our members are the heartbeat of our organization. Our Membership Directory allows members to keep in contact with one another for referrals, services, and insights.
Can't Join the Mobile Area Black Chamber of Commerce Right Now? 
No worries! Stay connected with us, and we'll circle back with you at a later time to register you as a member.
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